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    We see and understand that we are living in a different world, in a different social & economic environment then 10-20 years ago. The following key factors drive the need for more authentic coaching leadership:

    The Speed of Change

    The speed of change has never been so high and will continue to be so high. The digital revolution puts jobs and the way of working of the past at risk while the new is still often unprecedented. The days when the leader knew it all, was just the expert to go to for advice and instructions are behind us.

    Different (co)working relationships

    Forms of cooperation are changing. Sitting together from 9am to 5pm on one work floor with the boss watching from a separate closed office is or will no longer be the model. Flexible working relationships and virtual leadership require that as a leader you have to 'manage' differently on 'output', based on trusted working relationships.

    Global multi-cultural working environment

    Teams are and will be globally spread over the world and cultural differences (national, occupational, organizational) are to be factored in. Virtual working will lead to the opportunity to access new markets which emphasizes again the need for a higher cultural intelligence (CQ). Coaching leaders have developed a high CQ as they naturally learned to see things from different perspectives and apply a ‘question thinking’ approach.

    The War on Talent

    Depending on the sector/industry, a though war on talent rules. Talents can be critical and can choose. Their life is now to live. New generations of co-workers are much more focused on autonomy and will for sure not just blindly follow the boss because he or she is the boss. People want leaders who help them develop as a person, not just in a specific professional matter. They want you as a leader to be a 'model' for a 'package' of skills, at both the professional and private level, and therefore get inspired.

    Complexity of problems, dilemmas and personal development

    New successful (coaching) leaders in such environment will master the facilitation process of coming to suitable answers on complex social, cultural, (corporate) political problems and dilemmas of the actual society. They will focus on the personal and professional inclusion and effectiveness of people (and their sense of well-being) in such processes.

    Coaching Leadership is the leadership style to tackle all these challenges better.

    + From the Heart...

    Think of someone in your life who was your 'superior', boss or leader. Someone for whom, until today, you kept good memories or even a place in your heart because he or she was able to inspire you, stimulate you, give you certain insights that influenced the course of your life positively. What did that person do or refrained from?

    Your answers will include some characteristics of what coaching leadership is all about.

    Coaching leaders have ‘followers’. Where you go as coaching leader, they might go also. Other leaders have ‘direct reports’, listed out in an organization chart.


    A coaching journey starts with exploring own strengths, growth opportunities and blind spots. Specific behavioral goals for your future growth as authentic coaching leader are set that the leader subscribes and feels motivated about.

    I apply the so-called Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process. This is a proven 6 to 12 Months Long Executive Coaching Program involving multiple phases. It includes a unique guaranteed and measurable approach of leadership growth.

    The process includes a strong emphasis on action implementation and follow through to make change stick. Leadership growth has only real value through implementing change that is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace. Perception is reality here.

    The efficacy of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® has been clearly demonstrated:

    • Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is generally perceived to be the World’s nr.1 Executive Coach. His expertise, leadership coaching methodology and certified coaches’ network is highly recognized as ‘world class’ by Forbes, Thinkers 50, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and other reputed global business organization.
    • The Stakeholder Centered Coaching® program includes a Success Guarantee. Our commitment is to support leaders to become more effective in their organization, which is demonstrated in our coaching service fee structure where, upon conditions, up to 100% of the coaching fees are subject to measurable growth in leadership effectiveness of the leaders as assessed by his/her stakeholders. No growth, No Pay.

    The program includes:

    • Goalsetting and °360 stakeholder evaluations
    • Life Plan creation and aligned Business/Professional Vision creation
    • Your Core Coaching Leader Convictions & Conduct Map
    • Stakeholder briefings & interviews
    • Monthly bilateral coaching sessions (face-to-face & e-coaching)
    • Outdoor (walking/nature) coaching is always included* given its inspiring power for our leadership growth (*if physically possible)
    • Your Integrative Enneagram iEQ9® profile (a personal discovery on deep insight into core personality traits, the core motivations, defense mechanisms and fears of leaders)
    • Own reading & coaching evaluation
    • Action plans & Monitoring trackers


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